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See Happy Glasses is all about enhancing the world around us and blocking the negative vibes. 

And since we're more than just a feel-good addition to your active outdoor lifestyle,

all our lenses provide 100% UVA & UVB protection.

Unisex & Lightweight, our initial Tinted Sunglasses include Rose, Yellow, Blue & Violet 

We're here to remind you to add color to your life, it's a beautiful way to boost your mood!

Year round, wherever there is light these sunnies are your prefect addition -

Don't forget to check out our IG feed for guaranteed happiness   

See Happier with Us

See Happy Glasses is thriving in today's Sunglass marketplace with a simple mission 


We're colorful sunglasses that do BOOST your mood! Seriously, try on any color ... we dare you not to smile.

  • 4 Mood Boosting Unisex Colors

  • Ultra Lightweight 

  • UVA/UVB Protection

  • Slim Carrying Case

  • Instantly impactful

  • Free Shipping ! ! !

Focus your view... feel something different... and experience this world in color

 We hope you see happy every day, xo!

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Got a question, want to snag a pair, need to tell us a story about your See Happy Glasses, or if you'd like to direct email us your selfies in sunnies - we'll take em!

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